Employee Action

In 2014, 61% of Owens Corning locations participated in at least one community service project across the globe. We expanded our corporate philanthropy internationally and supported projects in India, Mexico and China. This is accomplished through various methods including plant open houses, community volunteer events, fundraising, community board service, and financial support.

There is a growing movement by Owens Corning facilities to be involved in at least one community project a year. Our participation rate increased from 50% in 2013 to 61% in 2014. Our 2015 goal is to achieve at least 62%, reflecting our growing participation around the world.

Telling our Story

Owens Corning engages its employees and the communities where they live and work by providing safe, efficient housing; critical needs shelter; and basic health and education to those in need.

View employee stories from China, India, Europe, and the Americas in support of our philanthropic efforts in 2014.

In China, Owens Corning employees supported the Spring Sprout Kitchen program. This was a partnership with Amway Charity Foundation and China National Committee for the Care of Children. Eight kitchens were built and kitchen supervisors trained to provide nutritious meals to over 5,500 children.

In India, employees installed seven water tanks which created a water distribution system that benefited three villages in the region. Owens Corning India also rolled out their focus areas comprising of Education and Health for deprived individuals. Activities in this focus area included; basic computer education, tutoring programs for students struggling, community health clinic (325 individuals benefited from this activity, including distribution of medication and eye glasses) and services and infrastructure support (drinking water, kids play zone).

In the U.S., plants supported many community organizations including Habitat for Humanity, United Way and many local food pantries. Numerous employees volunteered at Habitat for Humanity Builds, United Way May Days of Caring and held food drives for their local food pantries.

Volunteer of the Year

Since 1993, the Owens Corning Global Volunteer of the Year Award program has honored employees, teams and retirees, who have demonstrated outstanding community service. These dedicated volunteers exemplify our company purpose: our people and products make the world a better place.

The Owens Corning Foundation named three winners — one employee, one retiree and one team — of the 2014 Volunteer of the Year on July 28, 2015.

Wang Jiaorang, quality engineer of production, Guangzhou, China: Wang volunteers at Home of Pure Heart and Home of Living Foundation Public Welfare. These are both Christian organizations that assist elderly, disabled, homeless, and poor citizens. Through these organizations, Wang visits with elderly hospital patients; brings food, clothes and quilts to the homeless; and organizes activities to help uplift those in need.

Bill Trammell, retiree, from Aiken, South Carolina, U.S., composites plant: Bill volunteers at the Columbia County Cares Food Pantry, where he is responsible for working with clients and those in need. Bill works directly with people who come to the organization looking for food and health services. Working at the front desk, Bill is especially good at helping the clients feel comfortable and hopeful. Some people even ask for him by name.

The Pickett Academy mentoring team, Toledo, Ohio, U.S.: Team members are Cynthia Benson, Tom Blaine, Lisa Burkhart, Lena Ciminillo, Michael Clinker, Kathi Coughtrie (retired), Jane Empey, Michael Empey, Donna Giffin, Wendy Gogol, Matthew Harrison, Emma Higgins, Alan Hoge, Kylie Jennings, Josette Lewis, Gary Neiman, Elizabeth Oliveira, Nathan Rieman, Erin Rigogne, Jean Sparks (retired), Alyssa Taylor, Hassan Touray, Rhonda Vick, Kyle Vonck, and James Weissenberger.

The Pickett Academy mentoring team tutors students at the school weekly and focuses on academic achievement. In addition to helping the kids improve their grades, the team members also help the kids overcome daily struggles so they can be productive students. These mentors are positive, adult role models for the students of this school.